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Odonalcook, Teacher. Petras, Teacher-Librarian. The staff and students all raved about the awesome presentation. You really reeled them in hook, line, and sinker. I hope to work with you again one day! Hearsey, Teacher. Keep up the awesome work! Cowan, Teacher-Librarian.

Half-blood Secrets

You did not simply give a talk, but a gift, to our children. Ellery, Teacher. You kept our students on their toes! Hautcoeur, Teacher-Librarian. We are truly grateful. You are welcome back anytime! Riemann, Teacher. Labelle, Teacher-Librarian. Longthorne, Teacher. Skip to Main Content.

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Author Profile: Natasha Deen. Grades: Kindergarten-Grade 12, plus adults Special Equipment: Overhead projector, access to sound for the iPad, and a microphone if the audience is larger than 80 students or if the venue is large. Students will learn how to: Find story ideas Think critically Organize their information Communicate effectively Connections to Language Arts include: brainstorming working in a group respecting others thoughts and ideas Connections to the world include: family relationships multiculturalism deductive thinking Using the Lark and Conner mystery series as a jumping point, Natasha talks to the students about how story is all around them and how something simple—like losing a key—can make for an exciting adventure!

Audience size: maximum of students Session Length: 40 minutes The sessions with division one students includes stand and stretch breaks so children get a chance to get up and move around. Grades 3 to 6 Literacy Presentation Her sessions are curriculum based and specifically designed to be inclusive to all students, regardless of literacy levels. But when I was growing up in Calgary, I was often the only coloured kid in class and usually the only mixed race kid, too Chinese, African, West-Indian, East-Indian , which led to funny moments and moments I wish I could forget.

For sure, I grew up feeling different from…well, everyone. Which was awesome because it meant I could live through their adventures. Superman will never invite me to join the justice league. Actually, I found out a bunch of somethings amazing.

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How cool was that? Reading and writing, the things I did because it made me feel okay to be different, actually turned out to be superpowers. More than that, through my characters I could be anything I wanted to be. And best of all, I could write stories that help kids find their inner superhero. I write for kids and teens, and I love mixing mystery, action, and creepy with a whole lot of humour.

Teachers appreciate the presentations because they connect with curriculum and showcase writing skills in easy to implement ways. Oh, and my final confession? My class and I have spent a lot of time discussing your stories, ideas, and passion for writing.

Natasha Rhodes interview

We had an engaging conversation today about your ability as a storyteller. Ayers, Teacher. Odonalcook, Teacher. Petras, Teacher-Librarian.

The staff and students all raved about the awesome presentation. You really reeled them in hook, line, and sinker. I hope to work with you again one day!

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Hearsey, Teacher. Keep up the awesome work! Cowan, Teacher-Librarian. His eyes were closed knowing the time to strike. His long silvery blond hair, glowing blue eyes and tall build gave him way to much ability. The time was right, he could smell, even taste the blood of the dying, now he struck gliding up the banks of the dead hoisting them up biting into their necks draining them of their life blood. Blood and gore on the battle fields he was a hunter, killing the pray one after the other.


Natasha Rhodes

His soul a while ago had turned dark much like his father he regretted not heeding his mother's voice when he was old enough. Killing his father thousands of years ago made him feel powerful coming to the Carpathian throne high up on the rocky mountains. His half sisters full vampiric princesses hid behind their ageless mother, her beauty outstanding his fickle nature. His step mother hated him when her husband fell until passion ignited between the two for many centuries, until she was murdered by a hunters hand then his personality changed for the worse.

His creature came out, showing him the might and power within him calling his name across the whole land. His poor sisters he banished them far away, keeping them safe from his dangerous new outlook when hunters murdered their mother, his step mother and his mate. Today was AD the plan had changed, Now his lord conquered all England from King Harold and peace shall rain across the country.

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The Carpathian Duke watching his lord crowned a few months later for now his bloodlust was sated. I do not know yet my future eyeing the large crown placed upon William's head sparkle in the distance, he did know outright his life will change turning away into the light to the unknown maybe even catch another bride?

Life had a way of sucking you up and spitting you out and changing your very ideas of existence. I cannot tell you how I shall woo her this maddening female rejects my every whim but then I show her a cold heartened fellow always ignoring her. I encounted the vixen aged 13 for the life of me, I felt a sucker punch in the gut by the way she chastised me about the old rotten warehouse I bought. If I had know this silver haired beauty wanted to buy and change the world, I might have agreed but you cannot change the world in one day. Poor people needed care, yes I agree with my spitting vixen but they also need to care.

I took pity on you readers waiting for so long for Chapter 2.