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So when I read a murder mystery, or an erotic mystery, I tend to be a little skeptical. I worry that I will be too I love mysteries! I worry that I will be too hard of a critic. So, let me start with the character of Angela Martin. My heart breaks for her. She is stuck in a loveless marriage, works in an environment where as a woman it is not acceptable to show weakness, and she feels forced to keep her curiosity of the BDSM lifestyle private for fear of external judgment.

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It is a lonely life she leads. The feminist in me is so pissed at that woman for allowing others to make her suffer in silence. Leave him! You want to cry at a crime scene? Fucking cry and then put your co-workers in their place if they question you! You want to experience the BDSM lifestyle? Do it!

Even though I wish she was little more ballsy, I did like her.

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I also liked that the characters were not model perfect. Angela is a self proclaimed "NotBarbie" and Tanner turns out to be your average Joe. The overall plot was well thought out and the execution was well done, though I would have liked more detail. I do feel the book could have been longer and that some scenes seemed rushed.

The interrogation of the teenage girl who is the sister of one of the victims I think that could have been drawn out more. I have teens and they don't confess quite so easily lol I enjoyed the setting and the details of the BDSM scenes were effective, although I expected more sex. Personal preference perhaps but I felt there could have been more detail in the sex acts between Angela and Tanner.

The suspense was good and I actually enjoyed that the ending was left open for another installment. What better way to keep your readers lusting for more than by refusing to reveal all of the secrets! Mar 29, Julie Ramsey rated it it was amazing Shelves: done. Angela Martin, a detective first, is having some very personal issues.

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Her husband and her have a shame of a marriage. No longer sleeping together, barley talking to each other but living in the same house. Both just doing there own thing. Recently Angela has been talking on line to a man, similar interests in bondage. He mentions it would be nice to have an encounter where she is blindfolded and he could approach Angela Martin, a detective first, is having some very personal issues. He mentions it would be nice to have an encounter where she is blindfolded and he could approach her as an unknown and they could have an encounter without never seeing each other.

Angela being a detective, knows this is dangerous but it also turns her on. So they set a date up. The agreement is that she will be blindfolded and will never see his face. But if her phone rings work phone the encounter has to end. So Angela gets her bondage and dominance, that she is so craving.

During the encounter, the worst happens, her phone rings. So it ends early and wanting more but her job comes 1st. She is called to a murder scene, which is very unusual for the little town they live in. A women has been killed and in a way that is extremely familiar to Angela. The woman was in a extreme bondage situation and had been killed in her encounter. The worst part about it, she didn't have to leave her hotel to go to the crime scene.

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So her "friend", has just become a suspect in her head. But how can she 1. This was such a great book. I had a hard time putting it down and even though it is shorter book, it will keep you on the edge of your seat. Angela is thrown into a world she craves and doesn't understand why yet. With her job she is bond to find a killer, but with a killer on the loose, her obsession could kill her.

This book will keep you guessing, and has some major twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seats and your heat pounding. The ending will surprise you as well. I truly hope Shandra Miller will send me book 2. She has me hooked. Apr 21, S. Policar rated it really liked it. This book starts off strangley. Well perhaps not so, but as we all know by now, I don't read Erotica unless asked to. Anyway the wording is strong.

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This author clearly has a good grasp on the english language. There was a part in the first chapter that confused me though. How a cop would even consider doing what Angela had done! I loved the crime story aspect. It actually flowed very well with the erotica parts. I won't ruin it for you guys though! A perfect blend of crime noir and steamy sex This book starts off strangley.

A perfect blend of crime noir and steamy sex scenes, if you like erotica and crime novels.. This book will keep you wanting more. I give this book 4 of 5 paws. Reviewed by S. Dec 30, B. Mc rated it liked it. Quite enjoyed it but would have preferred a different outcome for Tanner and Barbie. IMO this is more of a detective thriller than a hot, dark, dirty erotic story.

It does have some hottish BDSM moments but they feel a bit amateurish. Having said that, those scenes were goodish.

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I got caught up in the story to a degree but it needed more character development particularly, Tanner. Again in spite of that, Tanner being something of an enigma, kept me guessing, and of course reading. However, a lot Quite enjoyed it but would have preferred a different outcome for Tanner and Barbie. However, a lot more could have been made of their relationship. I wanted a HEA for them both, especially for Barbie, but got a cliffie instead.

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Tip to the author?!? Don't give your readers too much physical detail about your characters, especially the protagonists; we have great imaginations, and like to conjure up our own heroes and heroines. I did not want to know Barbie's height. It actually put me off her character, and I had to work hard to envision her differently, as the authors was specific.

Tanner, another example? He was the complete opposite physically to me, from the authors description, and again it was a downer for me, and not necessary. Tanner was the Alp here, and poor guy was crying out to be hot and sexy, but it never quite happened. The premise was refreshingly different, although it could have been more deliciously and erotically, darker. I would recommend it if you like a detective thriller, but not necessarily if it's the delicious darkness you crave.

Interesting to read a bit about the authors life at the end. Please keep writing, you are good!!