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  1. the earlier Jews and Christians recognize prophet Muhammad and expect his coming
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  3. David Benjamin Keldani - A bishop converts to Islam?
  4. The Trap of False History

So these priceless scrolls were utilised not exactly according for what they were meant: they served as fuel for heating of the water in the bath houses of the city! All this then happened in AD. However, we know that the destruction was not the only terrible destruction in the history of the Alexandrian library. Namely, in this priceless collection was seriously damaged by fanatic Christians, maybe even Arian Christians. The Pallas Great Lexicon expresses it very laconically:.

Thus, we are presented with two years in which very similar events occurred.

These two years are and In both the famous Alexandrian Library is destroyed. Let us examine the connection between these two dates. If we interpret this date according to the Julian Era, and then, by subtracting 44 years, convert it into a date according to Christian chronology, we end up in the year This shows clearly how the origins of Islam in actual fact lead back to a certain Christian heretical movement, namely the Arian heresy. He sent a message to the besiegers through which gate they could climb at night.

The city gates of Antioch though, opened without a struggle. The conquerors met tougher resistance only in the Greek cities of Asia Minor, but there the overrunning of far away lands was also soon stopped. Let us note: where did the advancing Muslim troops encounter the most feeble resistance? Where did Arius, the founder of the Arian heresy, previously have a prominent position in the Church? In Alexandria, no less!

Antioch was likewise the seat of Arianism. Let us read the Pallas Great Lexicon:. Thus it came to pass, that Eusthatius, the high priest of Antioch, was deprived of his seat. In a short period of time they removed many bishops from their positions and replaced them with Arian partisans.

Due to this of course uprisings broke out in many parishes, but the Arians continued undeterred on their initiated course.

And where did the Arab troops encounter the most fierce resistance? In Asia Minor, where the Arian teachings never could take firm root. What a coincidence! Let us also note, that in said three cities, Damaskus, Antioch and Alexandria, who was the first to submit to the Muslim hordes? In all three instances the Christian patriarch of the city!

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But no! Indeed it is they who encourage as fast a submission as possible. How can this be? Well, the answer is very simple: These cities were the seat of Arian Christianity and these patriarchs were the followers of the Arian teachings. All this lead us to conclude, that there is no time gap of years between the Arian heresy at the beginning of the 4th century and the emerging Islam at the beginning of the 7th century and that these two movements have indeed a lot in common with each other. I would like to point out some weak points of this thesis. First, Islam was not started with the flight of the Prophet Muhammad on whom be peace and benedictions to Medina, but 13 years earlier in Mecca.

This is well established in the history of Islam. Go back to the One God preached by Abraham and Ismael peace be upon them , and you will lose the money gained from the pilgrims. Third, the fact that Arianism and Islam share part of their beliefs, even if they are important tenets, does not necessarily indicate borrowings: similarities between religions can have two explanations: 1 borrowings and influence between cultures: this explains well the similarities, not so well the differences between religions; 2 that these religions have a common source God , so they share what is true in them, while their differences are because of men who have corrupted and altered the original teachings.

It can be found on the web and downloaded. It should at least demonstrated, for this to be accepted, that the different sources used were actually following the counting attributed to each of them. Lastly, the fact that the Patriarchs of the various cities opened their doors to the muslim invaders can have different explanations. Here I suggest a couple: 1 the Patriarchs knew that under Islamic law christians are protected and can keep their freedom to worship in the Christian way, on condition of paying a certain tax which is actually linked to the fact that they do not have to fight for the protection of the community, but rather are protected by the muslim army from foreign invaders.

Therefore the Patriarch understood this was not like Roman persecution, and it was better for the christians to live and remain christians rather than to die as this would not necessarily be martyrdom: they were not being persecuted for religious reasons, but rather were free to be christians.

In fact, it could be said that one of the firsts to know that Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him was a Prophet was a Christian monk called Bahira, who based his deduction on what he found in the Scriptures. It is possible that the Patriarchs had the same conviction. I pray that God guide us all to what pleases Him the most, gives clarity to our minds and hearts and show us the Truth whatever it may be, making us gladly accept it. And may He forgive me for any wrong thing I said.

the earlier Jews and Christians recognize prophet Muhammad and expect his coming

Your email is never published nor shared. I did not think that you would be capable to act against the the unwritten and unfailing statutes of the gods. These are not of today, nor yesterday, but from all time, and no one knoweth when they were first put forth. The Trap of False History The flight of Mohammed In the 4th century after the birth of Christ biggest challenge for the Christian world church still in formation were the different heretical movements.

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  • The Trap of False History!
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Being aware of the existence of the Era system makes us understand easier why exactly years were inserted into our chronology: In order to underline its contempt for the heretical movements denying the divinity of Christ even more; and to prevent if possible its adherents to follow such false teachings, the Church authorised itself to date the event of the birth of Islam to the year , that is, the number identified with the Antichrist! Let me immediately give an example: The famous Library in Alexandria was the priceless collection of the Ancient World.

Published in Hungarian. That mighty Messenger of God went after the Jews like a hen after her chickens, but they turned on him like vultures to tear him into pieces. Not satisfied with their relentless assaults and harassment and the eventual attempt on his life 1 ; they charged his mother for having ill-begotten him in sin. That they the Jews rejected Faith;.

What was that "grave false charge"? For a detailed record of how God foiled the Jewish plot on the life of the Messiah, see "Crucifixion or Cruci-fiction? The Jewish charge of the illegitimacy of Jesus pbuh and the adultery of Mary is referred to here as an insinuation of the Jews, questioning Mary's chastity.

The Holy Qur'an does not stoop down to even reproducing the actual monstrous slander. Now compare this Quranic terminology with what the erudite and famous Rev. Dummelow, backed by no less than a team of sixteen Christian divines, all Reverends and D.

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Dummefow's Bible Commentary page Josh Me Dowell. Joseph Klausner adds to the above:. A Roman soldier alleged by the Jews to have raped Mary to produce her illegitimate offspring. God forbid!

May he forgive us for even reproducing such blasphemies. And the Christian world laps it up. His books are bestsellers in Christendom. A taste for Filth and insults has been created in the votaries of Christ.

David Benjamin Keldani - A bishop converts to Islam?

I refuse to quote further from that filthy narration. If Jesus pbuh has such devoted friends?

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Muhummed pbuh really was the true Friend, the Comforter, the Helper, the Advocate, the Glorifier, the Testifier of these prophecies in John chapters 14, 15 and Let me repeat the ungrudging tribute of his enemies to this Benefactor of Jesus pbuh his mother Mary and humanity at large: "It is interesting to notice that Mahomet 1 indignantly repudiated these Jewish calumnies. Dummelow and his associates. We will now allow the Spirit of Truth to lay the Ghost of Jewish and Christian extremism, and put the records straight regarding their controversies about the Messiah.

The Jews said that Jesus pbuh was the illegitimate son of Mary because he could not point a finger to a father. The Christians for the same reason made him into a God and the "begotten" son of God. Just one verse to debunk this lie! O People of the Book! Do not go to extremes in your religion: nor say of Allah anything but the truth. And a Spirit proceeding from Him:. Say not "Trinity": desist: it will be better for you:. For your Allah is One God:. Glory be to Him:. Far Exalted is He above having. To Him belongs all.

And enough is Allah as a Disposer of affairs. Just as a foolish servant may go wrong by excess of zeal for his master, so in religion people's excesses may lead them to blasphemy or a spirit the very opposite of religion. The Jewish excesses in the direction of formalism, racialism, exclusiveness, and rejection of Christ Jesus have been denounced in many places in the Holy Qur'an. Here the Christian attitude is condemned, which raises Jesus to an equality with God; in some cases venerates Mary almost to idolatry; attributes a physical son to God; and invents the doctrine of the Trinity, opposed to all reason, which according to the Athanasian Creed, unless a man believes, he is doomed to hell for ever.

The Trap of False History

The attributes of Christ are mentioned here:. But an apostle, a man with a mission from God, and therefore entitled to honour. A Word bestowed on Mary, for he was created by God's word "Be" kun and he was. A spirit proceeding from God, but not God: his life and his mission were more limited than in the case of some other apostles, though we must pay equal honour to him as a man of God. The doctrines of Trinity, equality with God and sonship, are repudiated as blasphemies.

God is independent of all needs and has no need of a son to manage His affairs. Abdullah Yusuf Ali. Exactly as it was prophesied by Jesus pbuh. All the testification and glorification by this "another Comforter," does not placate the Christians. Because Muhummed pbuh did not pander to their prejudices. Instead of solving their dilemma whether Jesus pbuh "died" on the cross as a man, or as a God?