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Blood Feud. Out for Blood.

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USH Volume 1, Section IC, Selected and Complete Tales · University of Minnesota Libraries

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Without spoiling anything I can tell you that she was never in any danger of being beheaded in the Middle East. Actually Holmes probably fancies her a bit, mostly for her brain. This story is subtly funny in places, Holmes and Watson even have a good laugh at his dimwitted client's expense. A Case of Identity - One of the more comfy cases which Holmes can solve from his armchair. Funny thing about this story is that while it is good, when I looked at the title of the story a couple days later in the Contents page I had no idea what it is about.

It's just too elementary. The Boscombe Valley Mystery - Murder al most foul. Number of pipes not specified, probably not more than four as the case involves a bit of traveling. Great story with a surprisingly sweet ending. Holmes you are too many for me. Underneath the cold exterior he can be quite kindly and forgiving to newbie criminals. It's a gem!

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This is the most thrilling and sinister story so far in the book. Definitely a favorite. The poor engineer and his ex-thumb though. The climax is quite thrilling, view spoiler [you can almost feel the ceiling closing in hide spoiler ].

Index of sherlock holmes season 5

Doyle is doing a bit of a social satire with this story I think. A relatively inconsequential story but still a lot of fun. The wedding scene reminds me of the movie The Graduate a little bit. The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet A tale of thievery and familial trust issues. Holmes can be quite paternal and sentimental when he chooses to be, though here he does that stuff "off screen".

Marvelous story, featuring Violet Hunter, a resourceful and competent young lady, who is almost as awesome as Irene Adler. If Irene is Catwoman, Violet is surely Batgirl. Watson to the rescue with a suppository. Every story in this book except that last one about constipation is a gem.

Gems come in different sizes of course, but the entire collection is definitely a treasure.